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“Before I started working with Jamie, I was “always in a rush” working 14 hours a day trying to control all aspects of the business and lacking specific focus. I was feeling overworked and not particularly inspired about the progress and direction of the company.”

“I now work 40% less, while being even more effective. I’m less stressed and my family and personal life are benefiting as a result. What is really key is the ‘OKness’ of an 8 hour day for me now. Ultimately, a whole new world has opened up for me. I’m reenergized by the future I’ve created...”

Peter Scantland, Partner
ProserveIT Inc.


“Some of the people Jamie first worked with years ago are still talking about their experience. It’s been life-altering for them. Teams have lower turnover rates and they have great Employee Opinion Scores. They’re delivering strong results and they’re getting noticed as effective leaders.”

“Most have gone on to bigger portfolios or bigger roles. They’re taking their business results and improving on them year after year. By investing in our high-potentials…their loyalty has increased.” More>

Janette Watt
HR Advisor


“When I started working with Jamie 2 years ago, I had been succeeding in my managing role in a tech company but still didn’t feel like I was driving my destiny; I was simply doing the best with what was thrown at me. Boy, that’s changed!”

“With Jamie’s help, I evolved from naturally fixing what was in front of me, to becoming more strategic about what’s good for me as well as the company. I developed much more confidence in my leadership talents in the process. I also created a fabulous team culture while I was there, but that wasn’t enough…” More>

Sarah Morton, CEO
Business Alliance Technologies Inc.
Backbone Systems Inc.



What to Expect

You will build a great career with less effort

What can you expect when you work with Footprint? On this page I’ll tell you the kind of results clients’ experience. I’ll also give you a sense of my guiding beliefs, my approach with clients and what makes me different than other coaches or professional development alternatives.

Expected Results

You will create a more rewarding career without working longer than you already are. Because you’re a go-getter, you’re already putting in a solid number of hours. You’ll get clear on what you really want, master ways to leverage your time and engage others so you’re not slugging it out alone.

Prepare to “wow” yourself and the people around you. One of the most consistent pieces of feedback my clients get is “Wow, there’s something different about you now.” Employers, colleagues, clients and friends will stop and notice not only the results you’re accomplishing, but how you’re achieving them with less effort and stress.

You will meet bigger roles and opportunities with confidence. Let’s face it, doing new stuff and putting yourself “out there” can be down-right uncomfortable sometimes. You will tap into a new confidence that will allow you to face those challenges and create results you wouldn’t even have considered before.

You will instill a greater sense of balance in your life. If you’ve felt out-of-kilter by putting too much time into work, I’ll help you reassess and give you the tools to work smarter, not longer. You’ll find ways to create more sustainable results that reflect the priorities you have now, before the situation drives you crazy.

You will get excited about your career and the possibilities it holds. Sometimes the sheer volume of life can wear us down or we can drift off course without noticing. You’ll rekindle the passion and wide-eyed sense of optimism you had when you began your career, guaranteed.

Guiding Beliefs

The game of life is meant to be played. It’s simple. When it’s all over, you’ll have either the life you really wanted or all the reasons and excuses that you didn’t. Which would you rather have? We each have that choice to make. What’s yours? 

You are brilliant and gifted. I don’t care if you work in the mailroom or the president’s office – the world is less without you and what you have to offer. Bottling it up, holding back or not believing in yourself is a huge disservice to you and the community of which you are a part.

There is virtually unlimited opportunity available to you. As the year 2010 approaches, the baby-boomers will start retiring in droves. We are standing at the beginning of the largest power shift in history. What will your role be? Think big.

You can have it all. I don’t believe in either/or scenarios. You can have a fantastic career, a rich personal life and meaningful relationships. If you get clear on what you really want, build a plan and commit to action, it’s all there for the taking.

My Approach

You can be yourself with me. This may sound cheesy, but it isn’t. Many lives are lived trying to be something we’re not or measuring up to expectations that aren’t our own. Ultimately those goals are an energy drain and the victories are empty. Defining and playing your own game starts with being yourself.

I work with YOU, not your job title. The funny thing about being a leader is that it’s not role-specific, it’s YOU-specific. Whether you’re a boss, a colleague, a parent, a volunteer or a closet jazz singer, each role you have affects the others. While we may focus on your professional role, we’re not limited to it.

We won’t live in theoretical mumbo-jumbo land. This is an action-oriented relationship. I have an overflowing toolbox of practical time-tested approaches you will learn and apply immediately – so they stick and you get results.

I’ll be unreasonable with you. Its human nature to be limited by what we believe is possible. I will challenge your beliefs. It may be uncomfortable at times – and it’s incredibly rewarding. I promise you this: you will get what you came for.

Fun and hard work aren’t mutually exclusive. People can get a little wrapped up and serious about “producing results” and doing this “great-life stuff.” Of course results are important, but if you’re too wound up to enjoy the journey, what’s the point? Expect to enjoy yourself.

My promise: This will be the most challenging, supportive and rewarding experience you’ve ever had.

What Makes Footprint Different?

If you’re looking for a coach these days, there are a lot to choose from. Three primary things make my services stand out from the others.

1. I had my mid-life crisis at 26, so you don’t have to have yours at 46. In my mid-twenties my fiancée was almost killed in a car accident. She spent 28 days in a coma and five grueling years in rehab. During that time, I asked myself tough questions about what was really important to me and why. It gave me some pretty deep insight into what leadership can be; the perspective I gained was a priceless gift. At the time, I had no idea my future clients would value this point-of-view so highly.

2. My expertise with new and emerging leaders. I work almost exclusively with Generation X’ers (born between ’62 and ’78). This focus has allowed me to develop a deep expertise on their needs and the challenges they face: becoming recognized leaders in their companies or industry and building a career while balancing a young family and/or active personal lives. I’m a Gen X’er myself too. I’m living your reality.

3. A solid track record of experience and success. The methodology I use has been honed and proven with hundreds of new and emerging leaders since 2001 (see the case studies section for specific results). I have received globally-recognized training from Coach University. I’m also one of a handful of coaches in Canada to earn the respected Professional Coaching Certification (PCC) from the International Coaching Federation.

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with me and about my approach and philosophy of working with clients, visit the Services page to learn more about the specific services and programs I offer.