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Emerging Leader Program™
Jamie’s changed my life! Our work together demonstrated that I have far more capability to change my situation than I ever thought possible…I’ve become a catalyst that’s changed both the strategic direction of the company and the attitudes of those around me.

“I now have a stronger sense of my own capability to lead and impact the people around me. You helped me remember the real reasons I’m doing this venture..." More>

Conal Campbell
Manager and Senior Shareholder,
TAP Solutions


Coaching for Great Work™
This course is at the cutting edge of coaching methodology. Coaching for Great Work has simplified the complex aspects of coaching to provide tools that managers can use to stimulate development instantaneously."

Mark Peters
Head of Training,
Nestle Canada


The Productivity Toolkit™
“Major kudos on the design and delivery of The Productivity ToolkitTM teleclass! What a relief it is to have a system for organizing everything my fingers touch – including my electronic desktop. I was letting the physical clutter get in the way of my whole business approach. Now, I have a clean space, and a way to keep clear-headed for the “bigger game” you see me playing. Your right-brain enthusiasm and left-brain smarts are true assets to all your clients.”

Christie Day


“Jamie has been an important addition to our Xchange Canada conference series over the years. His presentations have been a breath of fresh air. They're innovative, practical and extremely relevant to our audiences. He consistently brings tremendous value to our events and gets top marks from our participants, which is why we keep bringing him back year after year. I’d highly recommend him to any group or conference looking for an injection of fun, energy and insight on leadership.”

Julian Lee, President
Technoplanet Productions Inc


Footprint Programs and Services

Core offerings for individuals

I offer a variety of programs designed to help you build a rewarding career with out working longer (or harder) than you already are. Each offering is deeply rooted in my “roll up your sleeves and apply what you learn” philosophy so you get results.

You will find the main services I offer below. If you would like to know more about any of them, simply click on the link below each description.

See below for programs offered:


Emerging Leader Challenge

The Emerging Leader Challenge (ELC) provides you with a worry-free, end-to-end coaching program to accelerate the development of your promising people quickly and easily. The attitudes, perspectives and skills they master in the program will chop years off their development cycle. They will be positioned to effectively take on more responsibility and increase their impact.

Your performance goals for the employee will become a tangible reality. My proprietary approach combines the benefits of assessments, training and coaching with tangible business objectives; the ROI of your investment is never in doubt. Learn more about our leadership coaching program.

Communication Advantage™

Communication AdvantageConfidence. Credibility. Impact.
Increasing your impact as you advance in an organization is founded on the relationships you build and your ability to move people into action through communication. Learn more about Communication Advantage.


Speed to Lead™

Speed to LeadFast-tracking for Leaders in Transition. You’re in a new role. Congratulations! It’s an opportunity for you to power up your career as you help drive your organization to ongoing success. And you’re bringing a great attitude and skill set to the effort – that’s why you got the job in the first place. Learn more about Speed to Lead.


Coaching For Great Work™

Your managers and leaders want to coach more – but they’re overwhelmed by too many strategic priorities, too much email and the complications of getting a team to be more than the sum of its parts. Coaching for Great Work tackles the barriers that stop managers from coaching more effectively. Learn more about our flagship Coaching for Great Work program.

The Coaching Habit™

As a leader, you know he value of developing coaching skills. Coaching employees effectively increases focus and drives impact. This introduction to coaching program lays down a clear and powerful foundation for people to build a sustainable coaching habit. It’s a unique opportunity to see, practice and embed the benefits coaching has to offer. Discover our introduction to coaching program.

The Last Feedback Workshop Ever™

It’s one of those difficult moments. Someone on the team isn’t doing what they should, and it’s up to you to give them the news. To give them feedback. What if having those tough conversations was just a whole lot less… tough? We’ve combined the latest in neuroleadership research and two flexible feedback models. Learn more about The Last Feedback Workshop You’ll Ever Need.

Great Work Kickstart™

Great Work is the work that increases employee engagement and personal effectiveness. But how do they get started when everyone is so busy with managing the overwhelm of day-to-day business life? This customizable workshop gives employees the practical self-management skills they need to self-define, start and sustain more Great Work. Learn more about Great Work Kickstart.

Career Builder

Career BuilderIt’s unfortunate that one of the key linchpins for retention, succession and development is often overlooked, undervalued or ignored entirely. In the absence of practical and engaging development plans, clarity about what motivates your talent, what opportunities they really want and the gaps they need to close to get them there remain a mystery. Without creating a compelling future at your organization and headhunters calling regularly, firms are exposed to flight-risk and are flying-blind when it comes to succession. It doesn't have to be this way. Learn more about Career Builder.

Speaking Engagements

I give talks, presentations and workshops to organizations, professional groups and conferences. The best groups for me consist of career-minded up-and-comers who work for medium to large companies and the senior leaders they report to.

Ideal participants are interested in becoming more effective players in their organization but want to work smarter, not necessarily longer. I have spoken in-person across Canada and also deliver material via teleconference.

If you’re looking for a light-hearted, practical, yet engaging speaker who can add significant value to a group meeting, company event, offsite or conference, I may be your answer. Learn more about my leadership keynotes and workshops.

Format: in-person or tele-seminar
Duration: 30 min–1 day