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Anyone managing leaders under forty will want to rip out pages of this book for their briefcase! Broughton provides the key for invigorating a dynamic workforce, especially for today's senior leaders fighting the talent war. His coaching starter kit is worth the price of the book alone. I've already given a book to my boss!”

George Langlois,
2008 Top Forty Under 40 award recipient, Ottawa Business Journal

“Jamie has literally created a road map on how to think about and approach emerging leaders... This will be an eye-opener and absolutely recommended for anybody who is engaged in succession planning for leaders.”

Heather Sauve,
AVP Customer Experience & Relationship Management
Canadian Operations, Sun Life Financial

"I felt a chill of recognition when I read this book! The best thing that could happen is this book becomes required reading for both emerging and senior leaders; especially before performance reviews and development discussions.”

Sarah Kapoor
Senior Producer, CBC Television
Canada's Next Great Prime Minister, 2007 & 2008


Want a completely rewarding career without selling out on your personal life?

Best Business Book of 2010You're a career-minded go-getter who's going places and you refuse to be just a cog in the wheel. But how do you become a highly valued asset, make a meaningful difference and have a life outside of work?

For more than a decade, Jamie has worked with Emerging Leaders preparing them for their next level of leadership. For the first time, he shares his knowledge and experience in book form. The Emerging Leader paves the way for fresh dialogue between you and senior management responsible for growing and leveraging their future leaders, people like you.

This book will:

  • Build an iron-clad case why professional growth opportunities are a win for you and the company
  • Immediately increase your impact and value as an emerging producer in the firm
  • Spark meaningful talks about the company's goals, your future and how they fit
  • Educate your manager on why your leadership growth matters more now than ever
  • Give your professional development the urgency and priority it deserves
  • Springboard your leadership performance with coaching secrets from a professional

Older, more established leaders just don’t get your world.

As an Emerging Leader, you witnessed the destruction of the two-way bond of loyalty that existed for decades between employers and workers. You've seen mothers and fathers become downsized or otherwise shown the door after years of dutiful service — after all those missed Little League games and anniversaries.

It’s this perspective – compounded by technology, the shrinking talent pool, and dual-income families – that makes your world different than that of older leaders. They don't seem to think the same way about work, life, or even parenting. These differences can make getting ahead while juggling your priorities outside of work wearing and frustrating.

What you need are practical tools and a shared understanding with senior management that allows you to grow professionally, stay marketable, add "wow" value and have the life outside of work you deserve. The Emerging Leader is required reading for Emerging Leaders (and their bosses) who want to create just that.

Visit The Emerging Leader book website to find out more.

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If you want to take this further, check out my one-on-one leadership coaching for emerging leaders. On that page you’ll get a clearer sense of what kind of results you can expect for yourself and your career.