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Footprint Leadership Testimonials

Experiences of Great People and Companies

I'm fortunate to have worked with many really great people and companies. Below they've generously shared their thoughts about the Footprint services they've experienced. My hope is that this page provides you with some idea of what may be possible for you and/or your organization. Enjoy...



The Emerging Leader book:
Thought leaders, Business leaders, Emerging Leaders

“Emerging leaders are, literally, the future of business. Fostering their growth is essential to any long-term strategy an organization might have. But talent management is just now becoming a focus. Here, Jamie powerfully bridges the gap between old world tenets and new world reality to identify and develop those emerging leaders with the greatest potential.”

Stephen M. R. Covey, Author of the New York Times
and #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller The Speed of Trust

"What do you know about your next generation of leaders--the up-and-coming leaders you rely on to keep your company thriving and competitive? Read Jamie Broughton's powerful new book, The Emerging Leader, and learn to spot, leverage, and lead your next generation of leaders to greater success. In it, he tells you what you need to know and more!"  

Marshall Goldsmith is the New York Times bestselling author of Succession: Are You Ready? and What Got You Here Won't Get You There - a Wall Street Journal #1 business book.

"If you haven’t read The Emerging Leader, your up-and-coming employees are like sitting ducks, waiting to be picked-off by an organization who understands them. Too many companies are realizing they don’t know what they’ve got until it’s gone. The Emerging Leader helps today’s executives embrace the brave new world of tomorrow's workforce and stop the talent leak that’s costing companies millions of dollars a year."

Randy McGlynn, CEO
Ontario Teacher's Insurance Plan  

“Great strategic leaders deal effectively with paradox and are willing to invest in the future. By investing time and training, as well as providing developmental opportunities, we make emerging leaders more attractive to others and, in so doing, make our organization more attractive to them. Developing such leaders is both strategic and paradoxical, and boy, being able to manage that paradox is powerful! The Emerging Leader provides the guidance to do just that - absolutely recommended!”

W. Glenn Rowe, PhD
Director, Executive MBA Program
Paul MacPherson Chair in Strategic Leadership
Richard Ivey School of Business  

“This book will help HR professionals clearly communicate the value and urgency of talent development inside their organizations. Jamie’s understanding of the Emerging Leaders' world nails it! He’s done a great job highlighting the talent situation, its risks, and the benefits and value Emerging Leaders can provide. He then gives specific guidance on how senior executives can get out of the way and unleash the potential that this important employee segment can offer.”  

“If you're looking for a practical response to deepening the pipeline of talent and getting the most out of people today and for the future, this is the book for you!”

Jodi Drake, VP Talent Management & Organizational Effectiveness
Aviva Canada Inc.

"Anyone managing leaders under forty will want to rip out pages of this book for their briefcase! Broughton provides the key for invigorating a dynamic workforce, especially for today's senior leaders fighting the talent war. His coaching starter kit is worth the price of the book alone. I've already given a book to my boss!"

George Langlois
2008 Top Forty Under 40 award recipient, Ottawa Business Journal

"I felt a chill of recognition when I read this book! It functions like a window and a mirror for both the emerging leader and the senior leader. Not only can each examine themselves, they can see each other - causing a real breakthrough in understanding and trust. The best thing that could happen is this book becomes required reading for both emerging and senior leaders; especially before performance reviews and development discussions.”

Sarah Kapoor, Senior Producer
Canada's Next Great Prime Minister, 2007 & 2008 CBC Television

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Individual Coaching & Leadership Programs (ALP/ELC)

“Jamie is amazing. He’s the best coach I’ve seen and the leadership program he’s created is fantastic. It made a huge difference for me. In fact I have developed more as a leader in the first 3 months of his program than I had in my entire career to date.

“The experience also made me a better coach for my peers and my staff as well; that’s been a huge piece of value. I’ve taken what I’ve learned from your program and used them with my team and the Operating Committee, now everyone’s using the same concepts. It’s great!”

“Overall, Jamie’s helped me engage in my position and build stronger, more effective relationships with my entire team including direct reports, peers and managers. It’s made me a better leader for the company.”

“I wouldn’t change a thing with your program (and that’s hard for me to say).”

“Thank you!”

Laura Eckhardt, C.A.
Financial Controller,
Ontario Teachers’ Insurance Plan

“Before I started working with Jamie, I was “always in a rush” working 14 hours a day trying to control all aspects of the business and lacking specific focus. I was feeling overworked and not particularly inspired about the progress and direction of the company.”

“Jamie helped me to ‘get out of my own way’. In a weird kind of way, it seems like time has slowed down. I now work 40% less, while being even more effective. I’m less stressed and my family and personal life are benefiting as a result. What is really key is the ‘OKness’ of an 8 hour day for me now.”

“A light bulb went off when we created my “$2MM game”. The $2MM game gave me the guiding principle to get out of the mud of the day-to-day. It wasn’t so much the money that did it, but more about who I’d need to be to get there. No longer could I have as much control over the outcomes as I preferred to have in the past.”

“Ultimately, a whole new world has opened up for me. I’m reenergized by the future I’ve created. I’m focusing on building a business that fits what I want to create long-term both professionally and personally. Amazingly I am able to do all of this by working fewer hours and I’m accomplishing more!”

I would highly recommend Jamie and his program. Please contact me if you have any questions about his services.”

Peter Scantland, Partner,
ProserveIT Inc.

“I hired Jamie because I was getting frustrated professionally. I knew I wanted to be partner in my firm but wasn’t getting the results I wanted.”

“I discovered that I was really “hanging out in the back of the bus instead of being the one driving the bus.” By getting into the drivers seat I’ve since discovered I can be something completely different, something way better.  It makes so much sense.  Why would I approach things any other way?”

“All of the questions about my career and being a partner have dissipated. Nothing is overwhelming anymore.  I don’t know how else to explain it.  The choices I’m making are really coming at an intuitive level but none of them have let me down. Whether I’m a partner in this firm, another firm or in my own firm it doesn’t matter, I’ve already started ‘being’ (and acting like) a partner already.”

“The nice thing is I know I don’t need some kind of ‘magic potion’ of charisma to be a leader either. Because I’m much happier, more engaged and truly believe I make an impact, all of that is showing up in my personality and the way I carry myself. People (and partners!) noticed and really responded to that. I know ‘official’ partnership isn’t far away. 

“Thanks to you, I’m now the ‘official’ partner I’ve always wanted to be. 

It's kind of odd, but just when I think I've got it "figured out" you shake me up again and help take me to the NEXT level." 

I would definitely refer you to others. There are already other people in my office I want to recommend you to. Thanks so much for all your help, it’s been great!”

Thomas Wilson O.A.A
The Ventin Group Architects

"Jamie’s changed my life! Our work together demonstrated that I have far more capability to change my situation than I ever thought possible.”

“As a part-owner of a small software company, I rarely took time to revel in my success as there was always another challenge with which to contend and overcome. I often felt overwhelmed and forgot my accomplishments to date. With Jamie's help, I now tackle all contentious issues I once thought to be futile, and focus on enacting change to build a more promising future.”

I now have a stronger sense of my own capability to lead and impact the people around me. You helped me remember the real reasons I’m doing this venture."

Thank you!

Conal Campbell
Manager and Senior Shareholder
TAP Solutions

“Before I met Jamie, I was a graduate of the MBA program at the Rotman School of Business. I had gone back to school mid-career. I had some big ideas about what I wanted to accomplish and I also had a lot of fears about achieving them.”

“Since working with Jamie, I’ve now ‘grabbed my career by the horns’ and created the career opportunity I’m really excited about – charting the strategic direction of the products and services of an organization. It will use my education, my talents and skills (and then some) in a field I’m extremely interested in.”

“As a result, our financial goals will be reached in 18 months, not the four years we’d anticipated!”

“If you’re the type of person that:

  • has all kinds of goals
  • perhaps you’re not sure how to achieve them or,
  • perhaps you’re afraid of what it will take to make them happen or,
  • maybe you question if what you want is even possible,”

“…then I’d HIGHLY recommend working with Jamie. You’ll get clear on what you really want, step through your barriers, your fears, your past-way of doing things and simply go create what you desire.”

“I shudder to think what my life would have been like if we hadn’t started working together.”

“Thank you!”

Patrice Bansa
Vice President, Marketing

"Before I started working with you I was wound up tight like a knot. There was always a lot going on inside my head but it didn’t translate into action the way I’d like.”

“Since we started working together I’m much more willing to put the stake in the ground to go forward without knowing all the answers. It sounds simple but it’s really hard to do. Now I don’t get bogged down in trying to figure out all the unknowns first. I’m moving forward on projects far more quickly, building much stronger relationships that allow me to network, partner with others, and get things done.”

“In summary, the coaching engagement has had a huge impact on my life. I definitely feel much freer, much more powerful, and less stressed. My level of self confidence is infinitely higher than it was and I’m able to play a much bigger game than before."

“Thank you.”

Patricia Everingham
Senior Manager
Cards & Payments Solutions

“Before we started working together I invented stories about events and I would get so caught up in them I couldn’t see the situation for what it was anymore. At times, I thought everyone was out to get me. I questioned my credibility more often than I liked as well. As a result, I found myself ‘lecturing’ so people believed I had something worthwhile to say.”

“When I engaged your services, I had just been tasked with launching a whole new division. I knew my existing skill-set and past years of experience wasn’t going to be enough. I felt like I’d been sent out to sea on a raft without oars – with little hope of surviving. After working with you I feel like I’ve come back on a pirate ship!”

“In fact, I’ve reinvented myself as a leader. I moved from being purely logical and task-oriented to being far more open and creative – new approaches and ways of being that are highly needed in any start-up venture.”

“The bonus is my effectiveness hasn’t come from putting in extra hours at work but by leveraging others and having them see the possibilities moving forward. I never imagined I would have the level of success I’m enjoying right now.”

“Thanks Jamie!”

Angie Domansky Desserre
Vice President, Managed Services

“When I began working with Jamie I had a pretty good track record of success. I was recently promoted and had a significantly increased set of responsibilities and deliverables but knew I had to ‘give away my leadership’ if we were going to produce the results our group was charged with.”

“I learned that much of my success to date came from having ‘everything’s handled’ or ‘under control.’ While this worked in the past, it had become an impossible objective given the scope of my new responsibilities and we quickly identified that it could lead to a sense of being overwhelmed and less connected to my team as a result.”

“With your help, I’ve now been able to build a better high performing team who’ve taken a lot more responsibility for things themselves rather than me owning most of it. Not only are we producing super results, my Employee Opinion Survey scores have dramatically increased and are now amongst the highest percentile of the organization.”

“The work made a big difference. I’m looking forward to our continued work together.”

Sean Amato-Gauci
Vice President

“Before working with Jamie I felt powerless to impact any change. I felt boxed in with limited growth opportunities or movement in my job. My heart wasn’t really in my work and what I wished to achieve just didn’t seem possible. I was going through the motions and only doing what was necessary.”

“Working with Jamie has empowered me to see outside of the box and more than that, to actually move out it.  I have since created opportunities I simple didn’t think possible. I have faced head on some obstacles that I didn't even recognize before.   In fact, I’ve created an initiative never before conceived by our company – it includes training, development plans and preserving our company heritage.  It will help sustain our organization and carry our company into the future. It sounds grand, because it is, and I’m thrilled. What's especially satisfying is that now I really understand how I create everything around me.  And that what I do everyday matters and makes a difference in the big picture.” 

“It was great working with Jamie. He challenged me and I produced the results I was looking for because of that challenge. The coaching experience has been very worthwhile, not just professionally but in all aspects of my life. It’s been a really good ride!”

“Thank you Jamie.”

Julie Jamieson
Human Resources Manager
Home Hardware Stores Limited

“While working with Jamie I saw that I’d made an unconscious decision that affected my entire approach to leadership. I’d made a decision to be a ‘backroom operator’– not really being out-front; preferring instead to take a quiet behind-the-scenes approach to leadership.”

“My choice had come out of a concern that if I didn’t already know how to do something, I could blow it, and there could be serious consequences to my credibility. What’s available to me now after working with you is one big word: POSSIBILITY! My interest in new challenges and a promotion has been rekindled and I’m now telling people that!”

“Before I was hesitant. Not anymore. Now, I’m not shying away from new challenges or even taking them on when I’m presented with them, I’m going one step further and creating them instead. While working with Jamie, I fashioned a leadership role on a national project and not only did I get a part of the project to lead, I got the whole thing! It’s a big challenge and I’m excited about it.”

“At the end of the day, I have more respect, both from my staff, people I deal with but also for myself and what I’m capable of. I have more power now, more control over the way things could be in my life and I’m not locked into a little box anymore.  I just feel “WOW”! How can I not come out a winner?

“Working with Jamie has been a tremendous benefit in terms of opening up opportunities and possibilities and I’d highly recommend him.”

Kim Wiebe
Assistant Controller
Bell Alliant Regional Trust

“Our work together really helped me deal effectively with a difficult situation and a challenging point in my career.”

“Clearly our engagement has been effective for three reasons:

1. I could have gone down the road of ‘I’ll never get through this’ and walked away. Instead I learned how to take that really tough experience as a piece of data, put it into perspective, and use it as a learning experience (and I truly mean that).

2. You challenged me to get to the real issues, which I didn’t quite see at first, so I could address them directly.

3. I opened up to the possibility of becoming a highly effective people manager. Clearly that was a big piece. I always knew that the human element is really what differentiates people but with the workload I got lost and pulled into the day-to-day. I’ve learned if I (or anyone) don’t really focus on the ‘people piece’ of business it’s less effective in the long-term.”

“Our work has opened up more possibilities that I wouldn’t have thought possible a year ago. I know I can offer more as a leader now, I’m stronger.”

“I’d definitely recommend you to others. I found you completely straight-up and real. You’re not “text-booky” either. You were able to translate concepts and help me apply them to real, live situations and it’s really paid off.”

“Thanks so much.”

Cindy Winer
Vice President, Claims

“You will be very happy to hear that our time together has changed my life. I have never felt better, more joyful and full of energy! With all the changes at my company you cannot survive unless you learn to let go without losing your passion and drive! I feel more at peace by focussing on what is important delegating and empowering others.”

“Thank you also for helping me see that I need to be kinder to myself – that I am fun-loving, authentic (no BS) and resilient (lots of drive)! What I have learned through this journey is that I'm ready to take personal accountability for all my actions and see great things in all people. At the same time I have the confidence to resolve issues quickly, stand up for myself and go after what I truly need or desire!!”

“This was awesome! Thank you so much.”

Grace Lombardo
Vice President

"Many businesses search for that key investment to better their organization.  Coaching has been an investment in the most essential resource in my company... me! It’s given me refreshed attitude, new perspective and renewed determination - a powerful combination - and my employees have followed.”

“We've become that place where you really want to go to work. We have a greater sense of vitality and purpose. There's a real positive vibe around here now. It started with the coaching and has spread like a ripple effect out from me, to my team, our image, our profitability and beyond.  It's paid off in spades!"

Scott Reiter
President, Reiter Computer Associates

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Individual Coaching & Leadership Programs (ALP/ELC)

“We needed to build our bench of future leaders. One key employee of ours, Gabriel, was strong technically but always #2 under a strong boss. He was considered by his colleagues as easy to work with and a great partner but there was an edge missing; he needed greater executive presence.

In bringing coaching into our organization, and working with you, Gabriel has become a shining example of how effective coaching can be. The impact was almost immediate. In just a few months, he was driving key client relationships and peers were coming to me saying “who is this new guy?!” I didn’t expect to see such a radical change in such a short period.

Gabriel was recently promoted to run a large team across the country. I’d draw a straight-line connection between the coaching and his readiness to take on that elevated role. The process has been so valuable and had such a great impact.

I’d absolutely, without reservation, recommend working with Footprint – we had very positive outcomes in a surprisingly brief time-frame.”

Kitty Benko, HR Director
Large financial services firm

“We hired Footprint to work with a manager of ours at absolutely the most difficult time at CDI. We were undergoing a restructuring and facing a tremendous market pressures. Given all the changes it would have been easy for my report (or anyone) to take the easier route short-term route, dig in their heels and simply resist the change.”

“Instead, once she started working with you she took responsibility for the changes and embraced them. She also really applied her talents to take control, restructure the department, and build the new team. Frankly, she did things without issue that I was sure there would have been far more push-back on.”

“It sounds odd, but one of the biggest values we got was that she just seems happier. Not that she was really unhappy before but her new outlook has created great results and I know that’s rubbed off on her team too.”

“Jamie, you’ve certainly added tremendous value, we've kept a great employee and her department is positioned for success. Based on the results, you’re very good at what you do. We’re looking forward to working with you in the years to come.”

Saar Pikar
General Manager
CDI Computers Inc.

I look at Footprint as an accelerant to developing our leaders. Organizations don’t have years to groom people to help them reach their potential anymore. You help them reach that potential far faster than they would have on their own and that’s of great value to us.”

“We’ve given you a big variety of people to work with, some quite challenging. Your performance has really just reinforced and demonstrated your flexibility and your versatility; you can just turn on a dime when you need to. You don’t come in with a cookie-cutter approach.”

“Footprint has also become a bit of safety-net in some ways as well. If you are about to take on a project or working with an executive I have no doubt that there will be success at the end of it. The engagements become “worry-free” to a large extent.”

There’s a similar “worry-free” value for the senior manager that the participant reports to as well. The manager knows you’re going to ensure that whatever solution is necessary and you’re going to work towards it. There’s a silent partnership that can develop there too.”

“Finally, I think part of what makes you so effective is how infectious and fearless you are. Our people just want to be around you. Your style is very comfortable and they want to invite you back. That’s important because it gives you the ability to cut through the weeds very clearly and get to the real issues. That really allows people and organizations to grow.”

“Thank you for your great work to date! I’m already looking forward to working together again soon.”

Sherry Duffy
Senior HR Executive

I have a team of 150 people. My key responsibility and skill set is making sure we write profitable business. The secondary skill set is the people management side of things.  We’re much leaner than we used to be - I have much broader responsibility and HR can’t always support us like they could in the past. So when I do run into challenges on the people side it’s nice to have an external resource I can go to and count on when I need it.”

“Jamie not only solved the people-related problem I had but helped my report produce some remarkable business results at the same time. The morale and productivity between the two groups has increased so significantly that other people in the bank are inquiring about why things are so different (for me, that’s a real validation of success).”

There’s also been a 34% increase in sales between the two groups as a result. While those results are more tangible and immediate, the biggest benefit was moving a ‘keeper’ employee along to where we need her to be for the long-term.

“I think Jamie’s got a great process. He did a really good job developing my report and producing tangible business outcomes at the same time.”

“I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others otherwise I wouldn’t have hired him to come and speak to our larger group as well.”

Bruce Campbell
Vice President, Group Risk Management

“I wanted to position one of my high-potential reports for another level of leadership. The report was extraordinary at getting things done and very efficient at carrying things out.”

“There was a real need to capture the hearts and minds of our internal customers if our plans were to work. To do that, she’d have to be thinking much bigger than her existing job and she’d really have to get out of her comfort zone.”

“Footprint’s program definitely helped her exhibit some really effective leadership qualities, most notably increasing her ability to impact others. She’s not seen as someone out ‘to promote her own area’ though. They see her as a partner to help them maximize their portion of the business which is a completely different mindset.”

“She’s now interacting on a much higher level and is ready to address much bigger systemic issues which have held us back in building the business. Without the trust and engagement that is there now, I don’t think this would have been possible before.”

“Good managers are coaching employees on a variety of things but in reality, they’re also judging and appraising them. If what’s needed in their development is to step out of their comfort zone and understand what’s holding them back, you need someone safe to work with. I don’t think the person who’s appraising you is the best person to do that. That's where an external resource like Footprint is key.”

“I would definitely recommend Jamie to colleagues who wanted to grow the leadership impact of their reports.”

Carolyn Burke
VP Business Accounts & Cash Management Services

"Over the last five years I have used Footprint’s services for a number of selected high performers on my leadership teams.  Ranging from new management roles to Vice Presidents, Jamie has made a significant impact on all of their personal effectiveness and leadership skills.”

“Some of them have experienced truly transformational changes and all of them have had noticeable behaviour changes or strengthened leadership effectiveness in the workplace. I see Footprint as a secret competitive weapon that has truly helped me build one of the strongest leadership teams that I have had the pleasure to lead."

Cathy Honor
Senior Vice President
Payments, Deposits, Creditor, Treasury Management

“We have a tremendously gifted leadership group. In fact, I think we’ve got some of the best in the business. When we started working with Footprint in 2001, I got excited about the potential of taking our great people and making them even greater.”

“Some of the people Jamie first worked with years ago are still talking about their experience. It’s been life-altering for them. Teams have lower turnover rates and they have great Employee Opinion Scores. They’re delivering strong results and they’re getting noticed as effective leaders. Most have gone on to bigger portfolios or bigger roles. They’re taking their business results are improving on them year after year.”

“By investing in our high-potentials, I think we’ve shown that as an organization we care about them and their development.  Their loyalty has increased and I’m sure they’ll stay with the company longer as a result.”

“I also think our results have demonstrated that of all the courses and seminars they’ve taken, ALP [Accelerated Leader Program™] is the one that has impacted them most significantly.  It’s different than anything else that they’ve ever done. It reaches well beyond the surface that many other programs stay at.”

“You offer something richer than what other providers offer. These are really good people and now we’ve made them exceptional.”

“Thanks for all the great work you’ve done to date.”

Janette Watt
HR Advisor

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Event Organizers & Participants

"Your speaking session was unlike anything I expected and much more than I expected. It’s highly unusual to have a speaker get an audience so engaged and participating so early."

"One thing I liked about our experience is you don’t offer a “10 steps to success” or remember these three points and life is good, you really got us to go deeper than that. We got to see how we’re getting in our own way and you showed us how our circumstances or environment don’t have to dictate our results."

"Your fun, high energy, never-boring style got everyone’s attention and focus. We were on the edge of our seats!"

"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you as a leadership speaker. Thank you for a very fun and worthwhile evening."

Patrick Robbenhaar-CMA
District Chair
Certified Management Accountants
Georgian Bay District

"Jamie you did a fabulous job of starting off our THRPA PD event, and you definitely made a positive and lasting impression. Your unique approach, positive energy, and touching anecdotes contributed to one of the best seminars we’ve had… Thank-you so much for your time and effort and for enriching our program. It was a pleasure to have you on board!

Carmen Kirschling, CHRP
Anne Watkinson, CHRP
Events Program Committee
Toronto Human Resources Professionals Association

“Jamie Broughton shares his infectious enthusiasm and empathy to enable people to overcome personal constraints and commit to a career path that gets results. His blend of information, stories and anecdotes had a surprising impact on our audience in the very short period of time we gave him. I'd highly recommend him as a speaker to engage your audience!"

Jeff Muzzerall
Director, Business Development
Corporate Connections Centre
Joseph L. Rotman School of Management
University of Toronto

“Jamie has been an important addition to our Xchange Canada conference series over the years. His leadership presentations have been a breath of fresh air. They're innovative, practical and extremely relevant to our audiences.

He consistently brings tremendous value to our events and gets top marks from our participants, which is why we keep bringing him back year after year as a speaker. I’d highly recommend him to any group or conference looking for an injection of fun, energy and insight on leadership.”

Julian Lee, President
TechnoPlanet Productions Inc.

“As a member of HRPYR's Association executive, I know it’s important for Human Resource professionals to develop their own leadership abilities, as well as the leadership of those we support – that’s a big part of the reason we picked you to speak to our members.”

“You’re a very engaging keynote speaker. Your delivery is passionate, humorous and lively. You have the presence, speaking power and the ability to draw individuals in on whatever topic you are talking about.”

“I’d absolutely recommend you as a speaker.”

Joanne Trotter
Director of Professional Development
Human Resources Professionals of York Region
(Chapter of HRPAO)

“Thank you for your participation in Leadership Thunder Bay’s Issue Day on Thunder Bay’s Knowledge Based Economy…”

“Your perspective on change and limiting growth due to fear was just what the doctor ordered. This community is constantly plagued by complacency and fear of change. I was very impressed by your personal stories and dynamic delivery.”

“Thank you for a refreshing lunch and learn. Taking risks is such an important part of leadership and you are a shining example of how to put fears aside to succeed.”

“Also, thank you for your time and expertise in contributing to the development of community leaders in Thunder Bay.”

Valerie Marasco
Leadership Thunder Bay Program Participant
Corporate Communications
The City of Thunder Bay

“Thank you for an outstanding presentation. I’ve seen you speak several times and the content is always well organized, focused and delivered in a dynamic fashion. The stories you share are highly effective and the participation you create with the audience adds tremendous value to the learning.”

“I’ll continue to highly recommend you as a speaker!”

Colin McLarty, CMA
Certified Management Accountants Association Member

“Jamie, your talk was very energizing. You gave me the tools and courage to break free from my comfort zone, take risks and create the results I truly want. Only then will I really know what I’m capable of. Thank you!”

Alison Rodrigues
HR Consultant
Masterfile Corporation

"I just wanted to thank you for a great presentation last night."

"You are a very engaging speaker - thank you for making our 1st Annual Gala Event a success. For this event, we really wanted to focus on leadership and how to improve your ‘game’ and your Breakaway presentation was right on the money."

Angela Lochtie-Crispim, CMA
Gala Organizer and Board Member,
CMA Eastern Ontario District


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Coaching for Great Work™

What stands out about Coaching for Great Work is the practicality and usability of the tools. The program is based on science but it's been simplified so people can get their heads around it quickly.

Anecdotally, we keep hearing stories of success from the moment they leave the classroom. And when we survey people eight weeks after the program about the extent to which they're putting the tools into action, the level of sustained motivation and confidence is astonishing. It's fun, it's engaging, and it's different. People love it.”

AVP Learning & Development,
Financial Institution

“I was concerned that we could not deliver coaching skills training to our group effectively. We have a truly global group and a very senior group, many of whom have held C-level positions in major corporations. They are analytical and critical by nature and training…C4GW delivered and not only turned their scepticism into enthusiasm but I heard back from participants almost immediately that they were using what they learned and, most importantly, that it was working for them and making a difference.”

Michael J. Leckie,
VP HR, Gartner Inc

This course is at the cutting edge of coaching methodology. Coaching for Great Work has simplified the complex aspects of coaching to provide tools that managers can use to stimulate development instantaneously.

Mark Peters,
Head of Training, Nestle Canada

“We were launching a major national, strategic initiative around a new culture at The Bay. The C4GW program was brought in to give our key managers across the country the coaching skills needed to sustain the cultural and behavioural change we needed.
While the content was delivered in a fun and highly interactive way, it was the simplicity and immediate applicability of the material that was very refreshing. Our team is eager and engaged.
I'm delighted with the impact the program has had on our people and what they're doing as a result (and frankly, I'm not easily delighted).
Definitely recommended!”

Jim Campbell Senior Manager,
Learning and Development Hudson's Bay Company

“Jamie, we were completely thrilled with the outcome of your Do More Great Work session for our company-wide conference. The feedback right across the board from our executives to our admin team was universally positive. It was the perfect mix of inspiration, meaningful content and a lot of laughs, and your ‘spot-on’ facilitation played a huge role in its success. You hit it out of the ballpark for us, thank you!”

Paul Koreen,
Senior Vice President

“GSK has been using coaching as a managerial tool for some time already, but Michael introduced it as a concept that is easy to understand, easy to use and achieved a great result in terms of motivation. I believe everybody sometimes struggles with the idea that coaching is a time consuming thing. We had the opportunity to experience, that a couple of minutes will do - if one learns how to use them efficiently. Understanding the difference between good work and great work, practical steps to learn how to change the proportion of each in our daily lives - those were excellent outcomes for all of us. The most frequent feedback I heard after the workshop was 'the best workshop I have ever participated in'. Thank you!”

Ludmila Schaferová,
HR Director, GlaxoSmithKline


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The Productivity Toolkit

“My Life before the Productivity Toolkit: papers everywhere, hours spent sorting through papers searching for things, missed deadlines because I had no reliable system for tracking things, lots of "to do" lists, a sense of being overwhelmed with the number of things I had to do but no systematic approach to things, working around the clock but not accomplishing as much as I would like.”

“My Life after the Productivity Toolkit: the papers are all filed away, I find what I need instantly (and it seems like some sort of miracle every time), a system for tracking my projects that works (and is a thing of beauty in its effortlessness), clarity in general, and most remarkable of all, the claim made at the outset that I would spend less time working and get more done actually proved to be true.”

I would wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to anyone who feels besieged by papers and projects and wants to have a clear and sensible system for getting a handle on the myriad details of modern work life. It was the best thing I did on my sabbatical this year.”

Barbara Leckie
Associate Professor, Carleton University

“Thank you! I’m thrilled with the course. Over the program it helped me create and implement an organization system that I completely trust.”

“Others systems are about creating lists and using different colours to manage the lists. This system is different. It’s so practical and just makes sense. It’s really simple and logical and I don’t have lists that overwhelm me.”

“Now I can really focus on what’s in front of me without being distracted. I now put my head down on the pillow at night knowing everything’s accounted for. All the nagging feelings of ‘don’t forget this and that’ have disappeared. Thanks again.”

Sarah Morton,
CEO, Business Alliance Technologies Inc.

“Major kudos on the design and delivery of The Productivity Toolkit teleclass! What a relief it is to have a system for organizing everything my fingers touch – including my electronic desktop. I was letting the physical clutter get in the way of my whole business approach. Now, I have a clean space, and a way to keep clear-headed for the “bigger game” you see me playing. Your right-brain enthusiasm and left-brain smarts are true assets to all your clients.”

Christie Day,

“I got so much out of the program!  Before, I’d almost get discouraged looking at all I had to do. I hate to admit it, but sometimes I’d look at the list and just pick my favorite client, or the most pleasant task, or the biggest emergency – or go find something else to do!”

“My list now is much shorter and has things on it I can really get my hands on. It’s not overwhelming anymore. This has been great.”

Jan Veitch,
President, Computer Muskoka

“I sometimes get into the ‘lazy-procrastination thing.’ It usually comes out of being overwhelmed and not knowing where or what to do or where to start…”

“I don’t like the feeling that I can’t attend to what I’ve got in front of me because I’ve got ten other things on my mind. This approach looks very promising in allowing me to stay busy without being frantic.”

Margaret Maguire, PhD,
Business Professor, Ithaca State College

“Productivity has really improved. Before it was like I was hiking with a pack filled with useless items that slowed me down. The class helped me pack my brain with only the essentials, making me far more efficient. It was a wave of Zen when we finished. There’s a place for everything in a system you can trust.”

“It worked so well, I also taught the program to my wife! She was overwhelmed with paperwork. It didn’t take long at all to use the filing system you showed us and have everything in its place!”

Randal Wark,
VP Sales, Freeairfare.ca

“Anybody in this business won’t be in their position long before they’re overwhelmed with work, tasks, and assignments. This course provided me with some really useful tools and methodologies. The course gave me a framework to be more efficient and not think about work so much! I would definitely recommend this course to others.”

Amit Sahni,
VP Technical Services, Evron Computer Inc.

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“Footnotes” Newsletter

"A personal masterpiece in sensible communications. There’s obviously a brain and a bright person behind this news."

George Langlois

“I hate internet newsletters!  In fact, I preach against them in my speeches. ’Footnotes’ is the exception. It's beautifully laid out, entertaining, and best of all, it's real. I love your stories, your sense of humour and your insights. Keep 'em comin'!”

“If I could only get three e-mails per day, this would be one of them. You blow the fog away and bring shining clarity to key issues around leadership and life. Being able to take the complicated and make it simple is truly brilliant in today's world of constant information.”

Laura Eckhardt

“’Footnotes’ is one of the highlights of my month.  Your newsletter gets read before many emails from close friends… I highly recommend Footnotes to anyone who has even the faintest motive to create a more powerful and successful career and life.”

Preston True

"As a senior HR leader within my organization, I have the good fortune of reading many articles on leadership. I am always on a quest to find the best tips and the greatest leadership ideas to share with the organization's management team. Without a doubt, I get the most 'ah-ha' moments from the Footnotes articles. The simple stories share a compelling tale of how success can be achieved in the most difficult of situations. For me, Footnotes is a must read!"

Roxanne Chartrand-Burke

“As senior executives we have an important accountability to develop leadership skills of ourselves and our team. ‘Footnotes’ contains a lot of insightful advice about management, leadership and personal effectiveness. It’s a great tool to help me fulfill my accountability to develop the leadership skills of myself and my team.”

Cathy Honor

“Jamie’s ability to share and expand on his own learning experiences is powerful. I am constantly amazed at the valuable lessons he is able to communicate to me.  I learn something new about myself and my leadership each time Jamie touches my life through ‘Footnotes’.” 

Jan Christie

“During my career, I have taken many different courses, but none have had as positive an impact as my work with Jamie.  The ‘Footnotes’ newsletter keeps me thinking and is a constant reminder of the learnings I experienced while working with him.” 

Peter Speers

“The feature of your ezine that positively differentiates you in the market-place (or should I say the ezine and blogosphere) is that you write ‘authentically’.”

“There are so many on-line publications that just throw out more and more theory – I’ve had enough theory to take a dozen lifetimes to implement. When I read 'on-line' (and I do – 15 blogs a day and plenty of ezines) the reason I do it is:

  1. To keep up with what’s at the bleeding edge of business thinking and;
  2. To ponder on how other great minds are processing the deluge of information that we must all digest.”

“Your writing style makes that onerous task a pleasure – you make 'stuff' apply to real people with real lives. 'Bringing business to life' is an apt tag line – it’s exactly what you do. Keep it up mate.”

Chris Barrow

"’Footnotes’ is a clear and relevant quick read for every single busy person who wants to find new ways to evaluate how they live and how to get what they truly want."

Kara Killam

“Obviously he’s bright with a very active mind. Jamie’s delivery and style create a humane and thought-provoking dialogue.”

Colin D McLarty

“I treasure Jamie’s early morning email ‘Footnotes’—a great source of inspiration for that day and many to come. Jamie has a gift. Sharing his personal experiences as a learning vehicle for humanity, he offers constructive compassion and insightful alternatives.”

Sandra Martin

“Work can be hard. Life can be hard. And it seems whenever I feel like throwing up my hands and wondering what the point of it all is, ‘Footnotes’ arrives in my Inbox with a reminder of what’s important and relevant. Most importantly, it outlines the actions I can take for results NOW.  I’ve had a lot of email newsletter subscriptions over the years. Footnotes is one of the very, very few I have never cancelled.”

Allison Dick

“Most of the leadership literature I receive today is very theoretical and impersonal, often leaving the impression that there is "one right way".  ‘Footnotes’ describes how everyday personal and professional experiences demonstrate that leadership is more about the journey and the frame of mind that you bring along on that journey than the final destination.”

Footnotes’ for me regularly reinforces that it is more about how you elect to rise up to each individual personal and professional challenge - and less about the outcome. Success lies in the little acts of leadership and courage that you demonstrate throughout the day…Footnotes remains a refreshing break in the middle of a busy day - helping me to keep things in perspective and to search out that next opportunity to grow.”

Terry O'Grady

"Jamie Broughton has a lovely, casual writing style that invites (rather than insists or advises) you to take a look at what may be standing in your way – personally and professionally.  His warm sense of humour and sincere desire to help others discover their own path comes through in every newsletter." 

Mary Harvey

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