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Speed to Lead Coaching Program


  • 1:1 with executive coach
  • Up to 10 - 1hr sessions by phone (some face-to-face)
  • Three months
  • Unlimited email support






















Contact us now to book a
complimentary strategy session to see how this program can help support your business goals.

Jamie Broughton



Fast-tracking for Leaders in Transition

The greatest danger in times of turbulance is not the turbulence - it is to act with yesterdays logic.

You’re in a new role. Congratulations! It’s an opportunity for you
to power up your career as you help drive your organization
to ongoing success
. And you’re bringing a great attitude and skill
set to the effort--that’s why you got the job in the first place.

But transitions are rarely easy: Promotions often crash and the failure rate of new executive hires is around 50 percent. Even in great companies, there’s no shortage of rough road, detours, and bad weather ahead. Will they “get” you and embrace your leadership? Will you align well with the unspoken challenges of company culture and politics? What happens when your manager’s leadership and communication styles clash with your own? Time is short and expectations are high.

Your first few weeks and months are crucial to success.

We can help you identify and steer clear of the hazards. Then we can accelerate the transition process – and your career – with a dynamic, high impact coaching program designed for thoughtful, foundation-building results. In just three months, you’ll uncover the hidden pitfalls, navigate the culture and politics of your new environment, and demonstrate that a great choice was made to bring you on.

You’ll also:

  • Quickly create strong relationships that build trust and credibility
  • Find the sweet spot between gathering information and taking action
  • Get clarity around unspoken performance expectations outside your job description
  • Establish win-win communication and leadership conditions for you and your boss
  • Leverage informal influence as a career booster
  • Know what motivates and defines success for others to help them win too
  • Create a plan to clarify your purpose and establish the value you bring

Let’s Talk

We have a proven methodology that helps you thoughtfully navigate the new and uncertain road ahead. This rubber-meets-the-road, real-world coaching program is designed to make your transition less stressful and bring you success, more quickly. You’ll be amazed at the ground we cover.


Download program description below:

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