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Communication Advantage


  • 1:1 with executive coach
  • Three-hour Springboard session
  • Up to seven additional
    1hr sessions
  • Can combine flexibility and impact of face-to-face and phone
  • Proprietary Reputation
  • Enhancer™ process included
  • Unlimited email support
    Retreat option available






















Contact us now to book a
complimentary strategy session to see how this program can help support your business goals.

Jamie Broughton



Confidence. Credibility. Impact.

Who you are is speaking so loudly I can't hear what you are saying

Increasing your impact as you advance in an organization is founded on the relationships you build and your ability to move people into action through communication.

Many communication offerings focus solely on surface-level tools or formal speaking opportunities. They often fail to tackle the crucial, but unspoken, personal barriers to powerful and compelling communication such as perceived risk, reputation loss or inexperience. Left unaddressed, tools alone can leave the leader awkward and scripted and their messages hollow, off-base or ill-received.

Aspiration without foundation is a recipe for failure

This customized program puts you on solid footing first. While you will learn and apply proven tools, it begins with ensuring your foundation is a match for the game you’re up to. With this underfoot, you’re left communicating naturally and powerfully in the areas where 99% of leadership messages occur, including:

  • One-on-one interactions
  • Leading meetings
  • Moving conversations forward to results
  • Developing communication flexibility around the best approach for the situation
  • Modeling the desired culture of the organization
  • Mastering the messages sent to others in the organization, based on how you spend time, allocate resources, and relate to colleagues

Specifically, it can provide the communication tools and methodologies that enable leaders on-the-rise to:

  • Manage the transition into roles of greater authority
  • Increase their confidence addressing new or more senior audiences
  • Bring their natural energy and passion to conversations and speaking
  • Understand and align their stakeholders
  • Inspire greater engagement and commitment in others
  • Build strong and supportive working relationships up, down, and across the organization
  • Translate between technical language and business outcomes
  • Lead teams based on informal influence, not formal title

You’ll leave the program with improved leadership presence, credibility, trust and respect for the impact you have on the organization.


Download program description below:

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