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“Jamie is amazing.  He’s the best coach I’ve seen and the leadership program he’s created is fantastic. It made a huge difference for me. In fact I have developed more as a leader in the first 3 months of his program than I had in my entire career to date.

“Overall, Jamie’s helped me engage in my position and build stronger, more effective relationships with my entire team including direct reports, peers and managers. It’s made me a better leader for the company.”


Laura Eckhardt, C.A.
Financial Controller


Emerging Leader Challenge

Leadership Coaching for Performance

Why the Emerging Leader Challenge™?

Footprint Leadership’s Emerging Leader Challenge™ (ELC) is a transformational leadership coaching solution specifically designed to accelerate the development and performance of your promising people quickly and easily. The attitudes, perspectives and skills they master in the leadership coaching program will chop years off their development cycle. Your emerging leaders will be positioned to effectively take on more responsibility and dramatically increase their impact.

Your leadership performance goals for the emerging executive leader will quickly become a tangible reality.