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Coaching Habit


  • 108-day program that begins with a half-day session
  • Available for up to 40 participants
  • Appropriate for any level of management
  • A powerful foundation for the Coaching for Great Work program



“I expect to see results immediately … and with this program I did. When people start using the language from the workshop, I know that the learning resonated and has stuck.”

Marie Crea, Director of Talent, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield

















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Jamie Broughton


The Coaching Habit


As a leader, you know the value of developing coaching skills. Coaching can increase focus and capacity, reduce overwhelm and dependency, and drive both engagement and impact.

But even with the best of intentions, today’s time-crunched managers and leaders often find themselves defaulting to a limited old-school management approach: tell them rather than ask them; solve it for them rather than helping them figure out. That approach perpetuates bottlenecks, fire-fighting and managers with just too much stuff on their plate.

Theory, models and exhortations to “do more coaching” just aren’t going to cut it. We need to help managers and leaders change their behaviour so that coaching becomes a habit - and a regular and useful part of their management repertoire.


This innovative program is an introduction to coaching skills for managers and leaders. Beginning with a half-day session, the coaching program includes three things that make the difference and help develop coaching skills as an everyday habit.

First, we help managers, executives and leaders understand how and why they’re so quickly and easily tempted to jump in and be the advice-giver and the problem-solver – and the price that they (and the employees they’re managing) pay for this. With this new understanding, it becomes easier for them to disarm the advice-giving “hair-trigger” so that managers can use their coaching skills when the occasion calls for it.

Second, we focus on a range of practical next-day ready coaching tools to increase focus, engagement and impact, including:

    • The 7 most powerful coaching questions for managers, core questions that can be used in any conversation.
    • The Coaching Bookends™ – powerful ways of starting and finishing any management conversation to help increase its coaching impact.

Finally, we establish a 108-day follow-up process to the program. This helps embed the new tools, skills and behaviours and get it “in their bones”. It includes:

    • A tracking tool to identify possible coaching moments on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
    • An action plan and commitment to practice their coaching skills for 108 days
    • An accountability support system between participants that keeps people encouraged and engaged
    • A 13-week eCourse that helps key lessons from the coaching program stick

If you want your managers and leaders to have a solid and practical foundation in coaching skills, then this program might be the one you’re looking for.

Download a program description below:

Coaching Habit PDf download

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