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"Read Jamie Broughton's powerful new book and learn to spot, leverage, and lead your next generation of leaders to greater success!"

Marshall Goldsmith
New York Times bestselling author of Succession: Are You Ready?

"If you haven’t read The Emerging Leader, your up-and-coming employees are like sitting ducks, waiting to be picked-off by an organization who understands them. The Emerging Leader helps stop the talent leak that’s costing companies millions of dollars a year."

Randy McGlynn, CEO
Ontario Teacher's Insurance Plan

"Today more than ever, senior executives need to understand the impact they can have on their Emerging Leaders... "I wish I could offer this book to every senior leader who's not fully conscious of their critical role to develop our future leaders, or doesn't know where to start.  What Jamie's written is easy to read and apply."

Esther Auger, Global Practice Director, Talent Management, The Hatch Group
Financial Post Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies Award 2007, 2008


Are you worried about leveraging or retaining your top talent?

Best Business Book of 2010You know the competition for your top and emerging talent is only getting worse and employee loyalty isn’t what it used to be. So how do you identify, develop and retain your most promising people in this unpredictable environment?

Jamie Broughton has worked with senior leaders for more than a decade to groom the next generation of leadership talent within their organizations. For the first time, he shares his knowledge and experience in book form, offering all senior leaders access to the information that is crucial in order to understand, choose, and leverage the next generation of leadership talent.

You'll learn how to:

  • Identify and avoid the pitfalls that cause Emerging Leaders to disengage or abandon ship
  • Stop wasting valuable resources on ineffective leadership training
  • Enroll others in the importance and urgency of leadership development
  • Provide easy solutions for time-strapped managers developing their own leaders
  • Build your Emerging Leaders' skills quickly, yet still get today’s work done
  • Answer the question: "Do we buy 'em or grow 'em?"

Emerging doesn't mean ready.

Emerging Leaders witnessed the destruction of the two-way bond of loyalty that existed for decades between employers and workers. They saw their own mothers and fathers become downsized or otherwise shown the door after years of dutiful service — after all those missed Little League games and anniversaries.

It’s this perspective – compounded by technology, the shrinking talent pool, and dual-income families – that are shaping new priorities and the way your future leaders live, work, and lead.

The Emerging Leader is required reading for executives interested in identifying, developing and retaining talent.

Get the most out of the promising people in your organization, and keep your talent engaged and committed to take your enterprise to greater heights of success.

Visit The Emerging Leader book website to find out more.

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