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"A personal masterpiece in sensible communications. There’s obviously a brain and a bright person behind this news."

George Langlois


I hate internet newsletters! In fact, I preach against them in my speeches. ’Footnotes’ is the exception. It's beautifully laid out, entertaining, and best of all, it's real. I love your stories, your sense of humour and your insights. Keep 'em comin'!”



“If I could only get three e-mails per day, this would be one of them. You blow the fog away and bring shining clarity to key issues around leadership and life. Being able to take the complicated and make it simple is truly brilliant in today's world of constant information.

Laura Eckhardt


“’Footnotes’ is one of the highlights of my month. Your newsletter gets read before many emails from close friends… I highly recommend Footnotes to anyone who has even the faintest motive to create a more powerful and successful career and life.

Preston True


"As a senior HR leader within my organization, I have the good fortune of reading many articles on leadership. I am always on a quest to find the best tips and the greatest leadership ideas to share with the organization's management team. Without a doubt, I get the most 'ah-ha' moments from the Footnotes articles. The simple stories share a compelling tale of how success can be achieved in the most difficult of situations. For me, Footnotes is a must read!"

Roxanne Chartrand-Burke


“’Footnotes’ brings a personal, professional coaching service directly into my life and my business - so refreshing in a world that becomes increasingly impersonal. One would be hard pressed to locate a magazine that presents as much emotional and intellectual stimulation as ‘Footnotes.’ Your leadership approach is so positive and dynamic that I continue to share each episode with friends and colleagues.”

Dale Waldorf





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The Leadership Springboard Workbook

This workbook will give you and your up-and-comers the tools to build their leadership quicker than before. It’s filled with provocative ideas, including “the leadership habit you can’t be without,” and “the most underutilized secret to producing the results you really want.”

The workbook is a guide to creating a bigger impact and accelerating their development without them working longer. If you support or manage new and emerging leaders, this workbook is for you. (.pdf format)

The Footnotes Newsletter

Get the inside secrets on what I do with my 1:1 clients for FREE. This monthly newsletter is filled with inspirational and practical ideas about increasing your impact as a leader. I continually get comments from managers who forward this information to their teams and colleagues.

“Footnotes” brings the often “exclusive” view of leadership back down to earth where it belongs. You’ll be able to relate to and apply what I’m talking about because it’s rooted in real life and it’s geared for the new and emerging leaders you’re responsible for. I’ll also send you occasional announcements about programs and workshops catered specifically for your new or emerging leaders.

Read more positive feedback from subscribers to “Footnotes” at the bottom of this page if you wish.

You can count on Footprint

Since 2001, I’ve helped hundreds of new and emerging leaders expand their results faster than they thought possible.If you’re serious about getting the most from your up-and-comers quickly, allow me to give you a kick-start by sending you the free stuff above.

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I trust you’ll find this information helpful. Thanks for visiting,

Jamie Broughton
Founder, Footprint Leadership

“As senior executives we have an important accountability to develop leadership skills of ourselves and our team. ‘Footnotes’ contains a lot of insightful advice about management, leadership and personal effectiveness. It’s a great tool to help me fulfill my accountability to develop the leadership skills of myself and my team.”

Cathy Honor

“Jamie’s ability to share and expand on his own learning experiences is powerful. I am constantly amazed at the valuable lessons about he is able to communicate to me.  I learn something new about myself and my leadership each time Jamie touches my life through ‘Footnotes’.” 

Jan Christie

“During my career, I have taken many different courses, but none have had as positive an impact as my work with Jamie.  The ‘Footnotes’ newsletter keeps me thinking and is a constant reminder of the learning’s I experienced while working with him.” 

Peter Speers

“The feature of your ezine that positively differentiates you in the market-place (or should I say the ezine and blogosphere) is that you write ‘authentically’.”

“There are so many on-line publications that just throw out more and more theory – I’ve had enough theory to take a dozen lifetimes to implement. When I read 'on-line' (and I do – 15 blogs a day and plenty of ezines) the reason I do it is:

  1. To keep up with what’s at the bleeding edge of business thinking and;
  2. To ponder on how other great minds are processing the deluge of information that we must all digest.”

“Your writing style makes that onerous task a pleasure – you make 'stuff' apply to real people with real lives. 'Bringing business to life' is an apt tag line – it’s exactly what you do. Keep it up mate.”

Chris Barrow

If you wish to read more testimonials on the “Footnotes” newsletter, click here.