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Insightful, down-to-earth articles to accelerate your career and create bigger results!

Below you’ll find links to some of my recent articles on the challenges faced by new and emerging leaders today. I hope you enjoy the unusual perspectives and find them helpful.

I’d also invite you to use any of these articles, in whole or in part, as content for your own publication if you wish. Just make sure they include the “about the author” section at the end. If it’s an electronic publication, I ask that a live link to my homepage is included as well.

The attribution should read:

"By Jamie Broughton of Footprint Leadership. If you’re ready to take your career to a new level, please visit Jamie's web site at www.FootprintLeadership.com for additional leadership articles and resources for new and emerging leaders."

Please notifiy me to send a copy of your reprint or a link to your on-line publication. You're also welcome to use my photo here on this page if you wish.


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Jump Off Your Trestle

I believe the way we do anything is the way we do everything.

The Everest Factor

There's obviously nothing wrong with having a drive to succeed. The problems arise when we get "attached" to the result.

The Power Of TGIF

As Philip James Bailey suggests, the future lies "...in much less what we do than what we think [and be]."

There's No Where To Get

Want to know the secret to dramatically increasing the amount of fulfillment in your life?

Create Heroes Everywhere

Becoming unstoppable is about looking past the circumstances to the possibilities beyond them.

Resistance is Futile

Life is challenging. This is good news. Once we see and understand this, we transcend it.

What The Heck Do You Want

Warren Bennis, esteemed management guru, studied leadership for many, many years. He found that the common link with all successful leaders was, without fail, having a vision. Go figure.

The Hidden Power of the White Lie

Most of us tell white-lies more than we care to admit.

The Pant Leg Theory

If you're like myself and most of the people I work with, when people ask what we really want in our life...we have an inkling.

Why You Really Do What You Do

The third and final component of your success strategy is the "in order to" component.

What Behaviour Limits You

If you want to have access to a "lush lawn" of potential options, you first need to become conscious of your own hard-packed, well-worn "behaviour footpath".

Anatomy of a Success Strategy

An unconscious long-time formula for winning in life.

Do You Remember Being Limitless?

My daughter Sam, now two and-a-bit years old is a living, breathing example of being limitless.

What Got You Here Will Hold You Back

What got you to where you are now is not likely to get you where you want to go. In fact, what got you here will hinder you from going to the next level.

Shed Your Leadership Identity

Ever felt like you’ve hit a ceiling in the results you’re producing in some area of your life?

Give Up Being A Good Employee

There’s something bigger waiting for you instead

What To Do When You Screw It Up

Mistakes can be awkward things - will you emerge with grace or walk on eggshells?

You Ain't That Significant
Remember -  you really have nothing to lose at all

What Game Are You Really Playing
Consider that you are so powerful that you’ll always win the game you’re really playing

The Downside of Keeping Your Word
You may not have considered that “keeping your word” can actually be a bad thing

The World Cup Can Set You Free
Sometimes structure is a good thing

The Only Thing That Creates Results
Learn the key to true leadership

Do These Dragons Hold You Back?
Have you noticed that little voice in your head that chatters away telling you what you can or can’t do?

Don't Rely on How-To's Alone
How to apply what you already know

Success Will Always Cost You
Are you really good at what you do? Look out: sucess is both a blessing and a curse

Be Memorable in the Sea of Drones
Uncovering the "missing ingredient" that will help you stand out from the crowd