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“Some of the people Jamie first worked with years ago are still talking about their experience. It’s been life-altering for them. Teams have lower turnover rates and they have great Employee Opinion Scores. They’re delivering strong results and they’re getting noticed as effective leaders.”

“Most have gone on to bigger portfolios or bigger roles. They’re taking their business results and improving on them year after year.  By investing in our high-potentials…their loyalty has increased.” More>

Janette Watt
HR Advisor


“There was a real need to capture the hearts and minds of our internal customers if our plans were to work. To do that, my report would have to be thinking much bigger than her existing job…”

“Footprint’s program definitely helped her exhibit some really effective leadership qualities, most notably increasing her ability to impact others. She’s now interacting on a much higher level and is ready to address much bigger systemic issues which have held us back in building the business. Without the trust and engagement that is there now, I don’t think this would have been possible before…”

Carolyn Burke
Vice President
Business Accounts & Cash Management Services


"Many businesses search for that key investment to better their organization.  Coaching has been an investment in the most essential resource in my company ... me! It’s given me refreshed attitude, new perspective and renewed determination - a powerful combination - and my employees have followed.”

“We've become that place where you really want to go to work… there's a real positive vibe around here now. It's paid off in spades!"

Scott Reiter
President, Reiter Computer Associates


Is This You? Who Footprint Serves…

I offer products and services that build your next generation of leaders quickly and effectively.

Most Footprint clients need to develop the next tier of leaders faster than they’ve done in the past. They may be high-growth companies struggling to keep up with demand or more established firms beginning to deal with the reality of an aging leadership population in their company.

In both cases, they face the talent shortage the first wave of baby-boomer retirement brings in 2010. They know who the next generation of “high-potential” talent is in their company and are keenly aware of the risks associated with losing them. Usually, they have begun building a more formal succession planning framework to prepare for the future.

The PROBLEM is, everyone is stretched thin. Responsibilities of managers have increased but resources haven’t. What’s MISSING is the capacity to develop their high-potential talent quickly and easily without burdening the existing (and overloaded) senior team.

If you’re a senior business leader (or HR professional) are some of these statements true for you (or the managers you support)?

You know developing your people is crucial but it’s SO tough to give it the priority it deserves. Usually they need more time than you have to offer. Besides, you think you’d add far more value focusing on increasing service levels and driving revenue anyway. You want a proven, reliable resource that gets results with minimal involvement needed from you.

This “coaching, and employee development” thing is too draining.  You understand its importance and might even be measured on it, but it just doesn’t come easily for you. You don’t want to abdicate responsibility but if you’re honest, you know others could do a better job. What you need is a partner you can trust that turbo-charges staff growth and then makes it easy for you to maintain.

You don’t have the bench-strength you need to seize profit opportunities. It’s frustrating! People are stretched and you can see opportunities but you don’t have the capacity to take advantage of them. You may be grooming someone but you can’t afford to wait for “Mother Nature” to develop them.

Someone is struggling. As competition for talent increases, future leaders move through the ranks faster. Research indicates that along the way “over half of first-time general managers stumble and never recover" (Eichinger & Lombardo, 2004). When the problem is non-technical in nature and falls into the fuzzy “soft stuff” category, it drives you crazy. You just want it dealt with.

There just aren’t enough good mentors to go around. You may be one of them but you’ve reached a point where you just can’t take someone else on. Or perhaps you’re in HR and you’re struggling to find leaders that are both capable and committed to invest the time it takes to do it right. You need other options.

If one or more of these scenarios is true for you, please read on. You're in the right place. There is help for you here.

The senior managers and HR representatives I work with typically share many of the following characteristics.

If you subscribe to these, working together and creating a win for you, your firm, and your employees will be simpler, easier and faster.

Recognize the value of high-potential employees – You don’t want to pay the high price of losing their experience, talent and the potential they bring to the table.

Concern for organizational success – You’ve got your eye on the big picture and not just the success of your piece of it.

High standards – You have no interest in average results but you don’t waste time expecting perfection.

Desire a win for all parties – The goal is to create the best solution for you, your staff members and the organization (not for one at the expense of the other). We all need to be on the same page.

Deep respect for your employee – No staff member is perfect but you operate from a place of investing in them, not “fixing” them. There’s a big difference.

Appreciate the value of partnership – You know you can’t be exceptional at it ALL. There’s strength in partnership.

You delegate, but don’t abdicate – Sure, my services will take a lot off your mind but I can’t do it completely without you. You’re guidance is valuable and necessary to maximize the value to the firm.

If you fit the profile above I can definitely help you accelerate the growth of your new and emerging leaders. Learn more about the way I do that in What to Expect.